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    Fit Content Proportionally Broken in CS6?

    Ben Frey Level 1

      I have been having a lot of issue with Fit Content Proportionally since upgrading to CS6.


      In many of my documents (some new, some pulled in from earlier versions and saved over as CS6), I find that both via the menu and via the keyboard shortcut, the commonly-used and absolutely essential "Fit Content Proportionally" command just simply does not work.


      I can create a bunch of square frames, and then fill them all with various-sized and shaped images, and then when I would usually Fit Content Proportionally to make them all scale down inside the boxes, what I get instead is no response at all. The only way to "fix" the problem is to go to the toolbar with the content selected and change either the vertical or horizontal percentage to any number at all. As long as the proportion lock is in place, then that changes both % numbers to the same number, and thus fixing the problem. This is what makes me think it is a bug.


      Is there some new fitting setting in CS6 that I need to change?


      I have tried saving as IDML and importing back into CS6, but the behavior persists. Interestingly, if I change the fitting via the toolbar % "fix" and then select Fit Content to Frame (not proportionally), then Fit Content Proportionally is broken again, and does nothing at all.


      On most of my documents, Fit Content Proportionally works exactly as expected, and exactly as it always has. Of course my biggest "problem" documents contain large numbers of images.



      High Res Image: