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    Automatic OCR


      Is there any kind of server based software that we can run to automatically run the OCR software on documents we scan in from our printers. They are all scanned into a networked drive and as PDF documents.


      We use Acrobat 6 (yup old) currently to OCR docs but only a few people have it due to the small amount of licences we own, and it takes far too much of our time to do this every time someone wants it doing.




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          LoriAUC ACP

          You might want to see if the the Action capability in Acrobat X Pro. will suit your purposes. You can setup an Action to automatically run OCR on a folder of PDF files. Here is a quick tip that explains the Action capability in Acrobat X Pro.


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            Test Screen Name MVP

            I don't know if it's any use to you, but Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator seems to have OCR.

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              On the flip side of this discussion I'd like to enable automatic OCR of all pdf documents. We receive well over 50 pdf attachments from various sources (internal and external). I'd like to automatically OCR all pdf documents received or saved internally within my organization. It will be a major pain to have to OCR each and every individual pdf document received or saved. Is there a version of Adobe, feature or plug-in that will automatically OCR all pdf documents (either when opened or saved). If it helps, we currently use Adobe Acrobat Professional 8. Thank you.

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                Test Screen Name MVP

                Acrobat DC automatically OCRs if you try to edit a PDF.