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    Adobe.com WebSite Issues


      I find it hard to believe that Adobe considers itself a "Web Innovator" when it can't even keep its own site running.  Last month I tried to order a subscription to this Creative Cloud via the website and couldn't, I had to call a sales rep.  I told this rep about the issue and also about trouble I have been having getting anything to return on the My Orders, My Recent Orders and My Order History pages. There is no contact info on the site to report issues with the site (a "Contact Webmaster" link would be nice). It appears Adobe is another Microsoft; top priority = sales, anything else is off the radar. You would think a company that makes its living in the web world would ensure its website is bullet proof.


      Raymond Sugel Sr

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          No website is bullet-proof. Stuff happens. Computers go off-line. Sometimes things happen to the connection between your computer and Adobe's.  Your ISP, Adobe's ISP, you name it things can happen. Having said that Adobe's web presence can always be better. However, Adobe's web presence is huge and it is always a work in progress. It is not so important that everything is working 100% of the time, what is important is how Adobe handles things when things go wrong. Fortunately, you were able to find a sales rep to hanlde your problem. There is an email address you can use adbecare@adobe.com, if you have outstanding issues.


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            RSugelSr Level 1

            Hello Michael,


            Maybe a "bullet-proof" site is a bit much to expect for a public site.  I'm not impressed with "how Adobe handles things when things go wrong". As stated in my previous post there is nothing on the website that allows a site visitor to contact anyone at Adobe to let them know something with the site is broken.  The email address you provided in your post is the first I've seen that allows me to report problems not associated with a specific product (i.e., the website) and that was provided via this blog, not very accessible to the public.  As it stands now the issues with the My Orders, My Recent Orders and My Order History pages began for me back in April, I reported the problem to the sales rep I talked with on May 24th when I subscribed to the Creative Cloud (another issue with the store's online ordering process being broke forced me to call in my order and listen to the rep try to upsell everything) and as of this morning the My Orders, My Recent Orders and My Order History pages are still not fixed.  I'll report this via the email address you provided and maybe the issue will get fixed.


            Raymond Sugel Sr

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              justbingit Adobe Employee

              Hi Raymond,


              I wanted to follow up with you regarding the email correspondences we've exchanged this past Monday.


              While I agree that the on-going issues with your My Orders page is a less than ideal experience, I am hopeful that the workaround I provided to you via email will help backup your download replacements.


              Please continue our email correspondence should you require further assistance.





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                The Nitpicker

                Hi Michael,


                This always under construction condition is why every web page should have a FEEDBACK button. My latest need for one here was for a broken link to the service I wished to use. Since I could not report it then, the specifics have since been lost.


                Oh well, just one more irritated customer. They don't matter, Adobe software is so unique that they have to come back to us even if they hate us. Reminds me of the phone company, back when there was only one.



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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Until not so long ago there was in fact a 'Adobe.com Feedback' forum. It was filled with endless complaints about customer service, clueless tech support, and lots of plain hate messages.  Rarely did anyone have to report anything useful about the Adobe.com website.  It also turned out that nobody from Adobe was actually monitoring that forum.  At the end it was shut down.


                  I agree that there should be a mechanism in place to provide feedback to the webmaster, but I'm afraid that the poor webmaster would just get all these complaints that previously were posted in the feedback forum.

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    I will say, I found it troubling that there was no one answering the customer service and tech support complaints.  Those complaints were frequently well-founded (or so it appeared), and it felt like the forum went away to quiet them, which didn't exactly seem legitimate.


                    So, one approach might be to bring back a forum dedicated to such complaints, and then also a seperate forum for web site issues...

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                      I noticed today that I can't even change my timezone. I kept trying to edit my preferences to say that I live in the Eastern Time Zone, but Adobe seems to think I should be living in the Mountain time zone. I would gladly move if they would foot the bill and buy the house... As I'm sure they won't do that, I really hope they'll allow me to change that soon. The time is now 3:00AM NOT 1:00AM