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    Bridge CS6 - How to rename 50,000 RAW Files?


      Hi Folks,


      Let me just say this, so I can get it off my chest ... Adobe why on earth did you make these forums the most maddeningly formatted I have ever used. Not intuitive at all and needlessly complicated and precious. I thought you guys were good at this stuff?


      Whew ...


      I have about 50,000 raw files all rated, labeled and keyworded. They are in about 450 folders but the numbering of the files is just whatever my particular Canon camera of the day had at the time. I'd like to change the filenames to my initial and last name, date (YR,MONTH,DAY), a number from 0001-9999 (for that particular date) and a two letter suffix.


      For instance:




      The question is, is there some way to automate this without having to go to each folder separately, select all the files and rename? Can this be automated? Otherwise thats 450 folders to deal with.


      Suggestions please.