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    Error when recording f4v-files: Error from libmp4.so:      Received an video packet of unknown type..


      We are recording live streams on a Flash Media Interactive Server 4.0. In general, everything works fine, so there are no appliaction-issues. But sometimes (it is not reproducable yet) a stream stops recording without any notice or event in the application. All we can find is such a message in our core.log:

      2012-07-1700:55:4123594(e)2611178Error from libmp4.so: Received an video packet of unknown type..-
      2012-07-1700:55:4123594(e)2611423Failed to record  mylive.f4v (Unknown Error).-

      Can anyone give me a hint, where i could start searching for the cause of this error?

      ps:These streams aren't sent by Adobe Media Live Encoder .

      Thanks in advance