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    Audio stuttering in all browsers


      I am having a constant issue with audio stuttering when playing videos, which has persisted for a couple of weeks now. This occurs in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


      I have tried downgrading to previous versions of Flash (including both 10.3 and a previous 11.X version), and (unless I am not doing this correctly) this has not fixed the issue.


      I have even attempted to solve the problem by resetting Firefox, and then upgrading to the latest 15.0 beta, but this did not work as well.


      Is there anything else I can do to resolve this issue, or is there something more fundamental broken with my machine? (I ask this as I have had problems with both Windows Update and a virus recently, and before these issues I did not have any problems with Flash playback.)


      I am running Windows 7 on a Lenevo G570 laptop. I am currently using the latest version of Flash (11.3.300.268), and before I upgraded to the Firefox 15.0 beta I was using Firefox 14.1. (I believe that both Chrome and Internet Explorer are up to date, but I predominantly don't use these browsers.)

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          Gregory Fischer Adobe Employee



          If you could please log a bug in the adobe bug base this will give us a way to start the investigation on your specific issue.




          If you could please be sure to include a URL which clearly demonstrates your issue. Also, please include OS, OS version, as well as Browser and Browser version. Any info you can provide about your sound card and sound card driver version will also be very useful. The following FAQ page provides instructions on how to gather audio and video display information for you specific OS.






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            Gregortz Level 1

            Hi Greg,


            I am sorry for taking so long to reply to your message, but as I suspected I think the problem was unrelated to Flash, and instead caused by other problems with my laptop.


            Some days ago I ran a chkdsk on my laptop's hard drive, which immediately seemed to fix the problem, and since then it has not resurfaced. (As well as this I'd noticed the same stuttering when watching DVDs through Windows Media Player, which also makes me think that the problem was not related to Flash.)