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    Lightroom 4/Lightroom 2 book

    Sandygrove Level 1

        I'm a hands on person who has learned some computer knowledge over time.  I have a digital camera and have had a beginning course in Photoshop.  I have about 9 thousand digital photos filed, backed up, keyworded, etc...  I've got a nice digital photo organization I've crafted on my own.  I've been religious about keeping this up.  I went looking for a cataloging program.  I latched on to Lightroom a few years ago.  I got the big Lightroom 2 book by Martin Evening.  I have gone thru this book twice taking notes and now the third time around I am making progress toward really understanding Lightroom better.  My question is, can I buy Lightroom4 and be able to know my way around it by my Lightroom 2 book notes?  I have, so far, zero people to ask (unless here) if I run into problems installing and using Lightroom4.  I do not have any Lightroom program yet.  I would have to buy another computer for this.  I have a job that tires me out and I do not have a lot of free time or money to call in questions if I need help.  But I thought that Lightroom 4 could not be that different from Lightroom 2.  Could I even buy Lightroom 2 or 3 if Lightroom 4 would be so different from 2?   Thank You very much for any information on this. 

      Thank You Very Much,