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    Text Wrap Breaking Lines of Text


      Hey all, I have what I am hoping will be a simple text wrap question.


      I have inserted outlined text (I turned text into a vector object) and have placed it into the a single, full-justified text box that spans the entire page.  I went to wrap the text offset to 0 and the majority of the text wraps correctly.  Where I am running into problems is on, I think, the curved portions of the outlined text.  The text drops lines of text down and won't allow me to wrap around sizable blocks of space after what appears to be rounded portions of the outlined text.  It wraps around some rounded areas, so it confuses me, though.


      I am not sure if I stated this clearly so I have included an example.


      I am unable to back the text up to the large empty spaces to the right of the word "See".  If I attempt to backspace the line back up, it begins bringing the text from the above line down... not moving the current line up.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.