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    This is the second time, Adobe.


      "The second time of what, curious bypasser?" you may ask. Well, sit down, kids. I'm about to tell you a pleasant little story.


      Once upon a time, I updated Flash. My OS then proceeded to corrupt after a series of blue screens and CHKDSK. Being the dashingly stunning computer wiz that I am, I figured it was a fluke, and reformatted. I still had my files, so what was the harm?


      Let me tell you, kids. Let me tell you what the harm was. The harm was when it happened again. I have been working on my computer for over eleven hours. No use, I will still have to reformat. Cheers, Adobe! I will not be installing Flash after I reformat. Ever. Your product has aggravated me for the last time.


      I don't know how your product has managed to do this not once, but twice. But I do know that I now hold a very dark grudge against you.