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    Flash Not Working

    MyBoysAte TheBest

      After applicated said that flash was not working, uninstelled existing flash, installed flash from Adobe site, loaded successfully. Tried the application again, said flash did not exist on my system. Tried your check flaSH SOFTWARE, IT SAID NO FLASH PRESENT, YET I STILL HAVE THE SCREEN WHERE IT loaded aok. Don't know what to try now???????

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          pwillener Level 8

          What is your operating system, version & edition?


          What is your web browser?


          What is the software that claims Flash is not installed?

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            MyBoysAte TheBest Level 1


            All I can tell you that I was using internet explorer to sign onto the New York Times and where a picture was to display it told me that (can't rember wording) the Flash Player was not available and offeref me the option to load Flash Player, which I did. Part way through the loading it informed me that I had a later version loaded and (don't rember again) how to proceed which I did. Said every thin was loaded successfully.  Signed onto New York Times again, got same message. I then uninstalled Flash Player software program from my system. Then loaded Flash Player from Adobe. It load AOK. Signed my computer off and then brought it up again. Signed onto New York Times again and got same message. No Flash Player. I used the Adobe program to ensure that i had a copy of Flash Player. According to Adobe check system, I was suppose to see some type pictures, I saw none, Adobe Flash Player was loaded successfully, and it was in my list of software programs. I signed off my computer and came back about 3 hours later and signed onto the New York Times website and BEHOLD, the Picture came up ok, FLASH PlAYER was working. Don't know why.  In the 3 hours I was off, I took it to my computer EXPERT and he did all the things that I had dine and could not get Flash Player to work. During the last time the computer was off, I guess MAGIC happened. Sorry i could give you all the systems info but I don't know where all that stuff is located.Thanks for asking .... Larry


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              Hi Everyone,



              I downloaded the new Flash Player update and now whenever I try to watch say a yourube video it says 'Plugin Blocked' and when I click it it tells me to download the latest version of flash to get the latest security updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 20 times and i'm still having the same problems!


              I'm using a Macbook Pro


              Safari Version 6.0 (7536.25)


              Mac OSX 10.7.4


              Can Anyone help?


              Thank You

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                Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

                Could you please go to the following folder: Library/Internet Plug-ins

                Do you see Flash Player.plugin there?




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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  @jumpsuidfreddie - please select Safari's Help->Installed Plug-ins menu and then search for Shockwave Flash.  What version is listed as being installed?

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                    MyBoysAte TheBest Level 1

                    Problem has been resolved. Thanks for your suggestions.





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                    @jumpsuidfreddie - please select Safari's Help->Installed Plug-ins menu and then search for Shockwave Flash.  What version is listed as being installed?


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