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    Dynamic Link AE Comps in Premiere


      Is there a max number of AE comps that can be dynamicly linked in a single Premiere sequence?



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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          I have never found one.


          I suppose that memory might be a limitation. While playing around with the concept of some limitation, I linked to some comps while watching my Resource Monitor. It didn't take long to get to over 10G of RAM in use just having Ae and Pr and my browser (Google Chrome) open. And it was just a 90 second sequence. I messed around a little more and it jumped to 15G. I have 32G so it was no real strain, but I can see where enough comps might prove to become a problem.


          Worse comes to worse, if you ever found one, you could just render out the comp. I use Cineform, so loss of quality on export is not really an issue. Other codecs might begin to show wear and tear if you try that.