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    Shortened interlaced video?


      I'm sorry about the vague title: I'm rather lost as to locating this problem.


      I've a few 1080i MPEG-2 .ts video files. There's a bug with my nVidia gfx driver and they are severly blue-tinted when played. Opening in Premiere (CS6), however, fixes this problem.


      The thing is, the video is compressed: from 3298 seconds down to 2674; a speed increase of about 123%. (Almost as if a 30fps video was being squeezed onto a 25fps timeline.) The frame rate of the video (according to Windows' Properties > Details is 29 fps. For my sequence settings I've tried using AVCHD 1080i60 or choosing something else at random followed by dragging the video onto the timeline and clicking "change sequence settings".


      Deinterlacing is currently turned off; turning it on seems not to affect anything in terms of quality. But then again, I've never worked with non-progressive scanned video before. As a secondary question, must I enable it before rendering?


      Oh, and the original audio is unchanged.


      How can I fix this without manually changing the speed of the video?