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    Missing Photos


      How do I tell Lightroom 4 my photos are on drive e instead of drive C? I just got a new computer and moved all my photos to a seperate drive E instead of using the solid state drive c.

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          Geoff the kiwi Rockstar

          That will depend on your folder structure/hierachy. You can just right click the highest level folder/s and relocate them using the Updat Folder Location command.If your heierachy is contained in a top level folder you need only link the top/containing folder otherwise you will need to link al top level folders.

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            jbjuggler12 Newcomer

            Jeff, thanks for the reply. After a week of frustration, I finally succeeded! I was going to use your suggestion, and when I went to Lightroom, viola, the missing pictures question marks had disappeared. For some reason, finally, Lightroom could see the drive E. I don't know why, but I am thrilled! Thanks for the reply! I guess your reply caused Lightroom to get its act together!

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              Geoff the kiwi Rockstar

              Glad it is sorted!! Now I do recommend you put all your image containing folders into one top level folder so reconnecting again (if needed)is easy.


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