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    Saving overlapping slices


      Hi all,


      Got some question about saving overlapping slices.




      All of the slices are 200px square and I want to save them as 200px. But they are overlapping and when saving for web, photoshop will divide them removing laps and changing squares to 180x200 or someting like that. I can select every slice and bring it on front, and save each other, but of course I would like to use some script or an action to do it. Any ideas?

      Or maybe there is a script to save selections, so I could make 200px selections and save them all at once, probably with some action...

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          One way if you don't need slices would be to use the rectangular marquee tool set to a fixed

          size (200 px X 200 px) and divide the image into layers and then use File>Scripts>Export Layers to Files.


          What version of photoshop and what file format do you need?

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            Chris000000 Level 1

            CS5 png. The problem is I will use it often on that file, make some changes later and then save it once again. Dividing image with fixed rectangulars sounds like repeating process. So basically slices are great because they stay in a file forever in the same position.

            I've got some idea of using rectangulars as placeholders for further divide, so when I update the file I would use some action to copy everything what's underneath into layers and then export. But still, some of the manual work here...

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              There used to be a script somewhere that was able to fake multiple slice sets by storing additional info in the files metadata and then running the script to switch sets. Maybe do a search on that...