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    Sidecar .xmp file question


      Can Bridge create a sidecar .xmp file without storing the data (keywords) in the native file? If so, how? (I know that it can export the keywords to an .xmp file, but the native file is too large to use after I add the keywords).


      If Bridge cannot do this, what other options are there to accomplish this?


      Thank you,


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          Curt Y Ninja

          Keywords are stored on the image file in Bridge and most other programs I believe.  THis make them readable in other programs as well.


          Not sure what you mean by adding keywords makes the file too large to use.  Are you exceeding 1 gigabyte file size?

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            yleokim Newcomer

            We are building apps and try to keep them under 25 mb. It's the sound files that get too large when we add keywords.

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              Curt Y Ninja

              what type of file and how many keywords?   Would think keywords would be just a few kb.  Text does not take up much space.

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                yleokim Newcomer

                That's all it takes for a hundred .mp4 files or so to push the apps over. Trust me, we need it or I wouldn't be asking the question.

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                  yleokim Newcomer

                  I found this on the internet but didn't see the way to accomplish it:


                  Your Adobe Bridge preferences determine whether Bridge writes the XMP metadata directly into the document it describes or creates a companion document known as a sidecar file to contain the metadata. If you prefer to separate file data from metadata to avoid increasing the sizes of your files or to preserve your documents intact for other reasons, including the demands of a forensic work flow, sidecar files offer an ideal solution. Their disadvantage lies in their ability to become separated from the files they describe.


                  Read more: Adobe Bridge XMP Storage Methods | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_12172538_adobe-bridge-xmp-storage-methods.html#ixzz23IWfqT3x

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                    Curt Y Ninja

                    One has an option in the edit/camera raw prefernces to use sidecar file or a database.  But with raw files that works, not sure on mp4 files. 

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                      yleokim Newcomer

                      Curt, I appreciate the time you are spending to help me!


                      1. Do you mean that there are preferences in Camera Raw that can separate file data from metadata to avoid increasing the sizes of your files?


                      2. Doesn't Bridge do that too? If so, which preference option is it? I couldn't find one.


                      Like you said, it may not work for an mp4 file (although the keywords would actually be added to the original .wav file and then it would beconverted to an mp4).


                      3. I wonder if anyone knows if Camera Raw can be used to add keywords to .wav files?


                      Thank you very much,


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                        Paul Riggott Ninja

                        Only raw files can have sidecar files, this is because raw files are read only. I have just created some sidecar files for a few jpgs and bridge did not read them as it expects the data to be  stored in the document. So it seems that you must store the metadata in the files or keep the information in an excel spreadsheet or your own database.


                        Edit: maybe a Digital Asset Managment program would be better suited or would Lightroom/Aperture do this?

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                          yleokim Newcomer

                          Thank you Paul for your thoughts - I dread having to use Excel for this project, but unless someone lets me know a better way--it may be the only way.


                          In response to your jpg info: All of my jpg's, psd's, wav's and tif's are not  read-only and I have the option to change those properties if I wish. Also, I read recently somewhere that sidecar files can only be embedded in a jpg in order for Bridge to see the sidecar files. And as you said, to separate the keyword sidecar files, the original files must be raw (not a jpg or m4a).


                          I hope someone can let us know if there is another Adobe program (or any program) that can perform this to a .wav file. --- Kim

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                            Paul Riggott Ninja

                            It does seem that you need a Digital Asset Management program, and that will depend on your operating system, for Windows I have just tried the free standalone version from http://www.daminion.net/

                            With this you can add your keywords to a catalog for filetypes that do not support metadata.