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    Android adobe Ideas

    felipecbs Community Member

      if you read all comments from the market you can see how frustraded users from Adobe Ideas are:


      the question is when the major tools such as the ones available foripads will be available for android users. I bought it believing I could purchase the layer feature and not even that can work in my honeycomb moto xoom tablet.


      it is really a lack of responsibility from Adobe developers.



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          I join to this question.

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            coinopbear Community Member

            It's been 6 months since Ideas was released and there have been no significant, feature granting updates.

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              I think the main problem is Adobe giving iOS users too much attentions. I really don't understand why they won't give Android users the same features although they know we're in the same number of iOS users, if not even more...

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                And why is it that this question isn't being answered?


                Give us feature parity, or at least explain your reasoning for not doing so.

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                  yammyone Community Member

                  bump !


                  All android users are demanding feature parity ! Why in the world they can't do that !? Why why why ?!?! Just pay some java programmers to copy-paste the code from IOS. Come on it can't be so hard, adobe!!

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                    I tested the app on my colleagues ipad because I was put off by being told I had to have CS5, so I purchased it for my Android device, et voila - the features that sold it to me were not there: no email as pdf, no saving your file with a specific name, no multiple layers. You can, however, upload your file to the cloud and then download it to your desktop as an .ideas file. Useless to anything less than AI5 (with plug-in) or CS6.


                    Surely Adobe, who provide Acrobat, can create an editable pdf? Minimum an ai file or svg?

                    I am dumbstruck at the deadend that I have found myself in! The program is to all intents not fit for purpose.

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                      yammyone Community Member

                      Indeed...I've been waiting this for months..And not even one single response from the adobe ones.... I can't understand why they just can't add the layer thing at least ! Other free apps does have this already, so a matter of 'dealing with the unknown code' is not the case ! I even offered java help, but they didn't give a dam to me....

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                        LordyMaudie Community Member

                        I just tried uploading an image to the cloud to be informed that I must change the name because a file called untitled7 already exists. In order to save my current file I therefore have to either a) login to the Adobe cloud and rename the file before I save or b) do a "save file as". Adobe I would love to oblige but I cannot change the file name nor do I want to login every time I save a file and guess which file is "untitledx" in relation to the file I'm saving!

                        Just about every bit of software ever written that allows a save, allows you to do a "Save As".


                        I believe that we Android users have  a crippled version for the same price that ipad users pay for a full version.

                        This can't be right!


                        As a graphic designer and illustrator, I love Adobe for providing  the best vector illustration and pixel editing software, but am apalled  that Adobe thinks it's ok to rip me off this way.


                        I will be posting a full review on Google Play Store highlighting the differences because few people have told the full story of your shortcomings with this app.


                        Please, please, please, stop providing second rate crap software for Android. How difficult is a "Save As" option?

                        PS: Whilst I am thinking about "enhancements" for Ideas, how about a "Save As" with options like err, I dunno, AS A PDF?

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                          Still no reply from Adobe? I would love to use this on my Samsung note 10.1 but without layers etc. I don't think it's worth paying for. Apple users have these basic functions - so why not on Android too?