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    illustrated book exported as epub shows the number "4" (1 each chapter) for 56 pages


      I'm using ID 5.0 and have an illustrated children's book with each page consisting of a jpg file.  I've converted it to epub (to eventually also convert to MOBI) and everything looks great except for a pesky problem. 


      When I proof the book in Adobe Digital Editions, everything looks great - I see the chapter names on the left side of the ADE browser (yay), and can scroll through each page fine, but only see at the top the number 4, (next to the printer icon on the top of the ADE page).  I have 4 chapters, yes, but I have something like 56 pages total within all of these chapters.  Since this is a kid's book that's somewhat educational, I think it might prove to be confusing that there are only 4 pages acknowledged. 


      I don't need to see page numbers on the actual document (did that already in Photoshop and it's part of the overall jpg file) but is there a way to change the top number that ADE sees so that it acknowledges that there are 56 pages?  Or even 5 pages in chapter 1, 22 pages in chapter 2, and so on?


      Thanks in advance.