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    Moving objects in a flowed subform?


      How the heck do I move objects inside a flowed subform? They wont move at all. It's like the subform bunches up and wont move at all (can't expand it). If you add objects inside of it they cannot be moved at all. What's the deal?

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          radzmar ACP/MVP



          I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

          But objects in a flowed subform are automatically ordered by their position within the hierarchy tree and the flow direction set for the subform.

          Such objects can be easiliy reordered with drag'n drop in the hierarchy tree or in the design window.

          When you grab an object and move it Designer will show you a black line which indicates the position where the object can be inserted.

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            cold_blue Community Member

            When you set your page 1 subform to flowed, and then create another flowed subform inside of it (so that you can place your text fields that you want to flow), it becomes impossible to adjust objects inside that field. If I try to move any object inside that flowed subform it will toss the triangles on all the corners telling me I can't do that. I also can't adjust the page 1 subform once it is sit to flowed. Now if I add positioned subforms inside the flowed page 1 subform it isn't an issue. Something is wrong with the program.

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              radzmar ACP/MVP



              I cannot reproduce you problem at my end.

              All my objects placed in a flowed subform which is placed in a flowed page can be moved in and out the subform or page without any problems.

              Not sure what's going wrong in your Designer, sorry.