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    Masking image in Indesign

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I searched the web about masking object in ID, but the way I found seems a bit odd, so I feel there has to be some other, elegant way... Just additional info: I do package for socks.



      What I have:
      Plain imported PSD: paper texture.


      IMG 01



      Shape of the final cut area in Ai format:


      IMG 02



      What I want:

      I need to mask this imported file following the shape which I have in the Ai-file. Result should look like this:


      IMG 03



      So I realized, that the only way is to group the texture and the vector shape, put the shape abowe the texture, turn opacity of the shape to 0% and apply the Knockout effect on the entire group. But the result looks like vector shape determines, where the rexture will NOT be visible. So I miss there some Invert option.


      IMG 04



      The only solution I found is this disgusting recipe:


      1} Go to Illustrator, set the fill of the object to none and the outer outline to 500 pt:


      IMG 05



      2} I had to precisely adjust the bounding frame of the paper texture PSD to prevent overflow.


      3} Now the result looks finally like IMG 03, but I spent lots more time on masking comparing to Ps or Ai and the way I got there seems a bit odd to me. Especially the "solution" which you can see on IMG 05



      Thanks for your comments in advance guys. I hope for some elegant solution!