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    Multiple spry:selects on Multiple Datasets

    icecappacino Community Member



      I have a main xmldataset A from which 2 other datasets B and C are populated via A datasets' A.getDocument() and are thus dependencies of A



      dataset A has its own spry:region with a spry:select

      B and C share a spry:region also with respective spry:select




      <ul spry:region="A"><li spry:repeat... spry:select="class">....</ul>

      <ul spry:region="B C"><li spry:repeat="B" spry:select="class"><ul><li spry:repeat="C" spry:select="class"></li>.....


      When I first only had A's region the spry:select worked fine


      but when I added B only B's spry:select worked and then when I added C only C worked


      How do I get all region spry:select to STAY selected on each's own currentRow()?



      P.S. what is spry:selected and can someone elaborate on the documentations definition of Spry:Selectgroup?