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    Task Manager Running 2 Adobes?


      Should my task manager be showing TWO adobe flash players  running when I play facebook games?  Only ONE browser is open and only ONE game is being played. Thanks for help on confirming this so I can be sure I don't have two going at same time.

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          pwillener Level 8

          [topic moved to Flash Player forum]

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            litarollins Level 1

            the reply was only that my question got moved.. with no link to 'where'. I only linked This page so now I'm lost as to how to view any answers.


            Please supply link or give answer to my question even if it seems dumb to you.  Thanks

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              pwillener Level 8

              It was moved to the Flash Player forum; the link should have appeared in the forum notification email message.


              Here is your topic: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1047382


              Since you mention Task Manager I assume that you are on Windows.  What are the processes showing in TM?

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                litarollins Level 1

                I'm new to the forum so I didn't realize.  Thank you for letting me know.

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                  litarollins Level 1

                  The two processes are:

                  FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_270.exe *32


                  Both are exactly the same except for memory usage


                  There were also Two of these:

                  plugin-container.exe *32    (descript is Plugin container for firefox)


                  But I ended one of the container's and it never returned so hopefully I'm good there now.


                  The reason why the two concerned me was.. I had also recently updated Java.


                  Can't remember 'which' (java or flash) but one had taken me to  a page that told me if I had applications (like firefox) running in both 32 & 64 bit I would need them both.  My fear was... though I got both, something went wrong and one was running when it shouldn't be.


                  So I tried uninstalling and doing it again but the double entry for FlashPlayerPlugin was still there.


                  Hence why I was asking for confirmation if this was normal or not.


                  Thanks for any help and sorry I was such a newb on my first post.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    If you are on a 64-bit system, Flash Player will automatically install both 32-bit and 64-bit players.


                    AboutJava (JRE), you need to manually install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


                    Regarding FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_270.exe - I actually do not know what that is...  On my system I have something 'FlashUtil32_11_3_300_270_Plugin.exe', but it is not actively running.

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                      litarollins Level 1

                      Thank you for responding. I 'assume' then the one i was previously referring to was in fact the Java then as I did have to manually install both.


                      I checked my plugins again for Firefox. Niether the shockwave or  flash actually said 'adobe'. So I tried uninstalling Adobe again... went through the add/remove programs and didn't see another one. So I went and reinstalled Adobe Flash.


                      I think now that what I was seeing was the 'shockwave' and it's just a different version. So even if I wasn't seeing the name 'adobe' on either of the add ons in Mozilla I figure they were still Adobe. 


                      Either way, fresh install now and still have the double entry in TM, same as before.

                      But I no longer see the shockwave add on in plugins for Mozilla Firefox.


                      I'm just clueless. I probably would pay no attention except for I'm a facebook game player and since the update.. my game loads slower. So I would like to figure out if it's me (my computer set up) or if it's just the new update.


                      Going to bed.. any advice, suggestions on things to try etc... would be appreciated.

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                        pwillener Level 8

                        Here is another suggestion for tomorrow...


                        Do a clean install, as per the instructions in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/928315, then download the offline installers from http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player- windows.html#main-pars_header and save them to disk.  Close all browser windows, then run the downloaded installers.


                        P.S. the Flash Player browser add-on is called Shockwave Flash.


                        You are on Windows 7 64-bit?

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                          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                          This is expected.  You should see two Flash Player processes running in the task manager.  This is how Protected Mode in Firefox works.  One process is the broker, which is really small and is basically used to pass messages back and forth to the low-integrity Flash Player process.  The low-integrity process doesn't have permission to do much, but does all of the heavy lifting in terms of processing the content you see on the web.  If malicious content is able to crash and take control of the Flash Player process, it can't really do anything with it, because it's running with low permissions.



                          You can read more about what Protected Mode is, and how it works here: Inside Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox

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                            litarollins Level 1

                            Chris. That makes sense. I hadn't thought of the connection with Protected  Mode. I appreciate the confirmation that this is in fact 'normal'. Thanks so much for responding.


                            Pat. Yes win7 & 64bit. Thank you as well for all your help. I'm going to try your suggestion, even though the double process has been explained, because I am still getting slower load times for the games. It's what started me with checking for all these updates. lol


                            So one process of elimination down.. many to go. lol

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                              litarollins Level 1


                              I went  through the process from Pat's advice. Still no faster at downloading my games


                              I can only assume that within Chris' explanation lies the key to why I'm suddenly so slow with downloading textures in a game.


                              I do not recall setting it onto "Protected Mode". So that's my next  test. Do either of you happen to know how to change that setting in Mozilla? Or should I move on from this forum and try to bleed out some help from Mozilla? lol 


                              Either way, thanks again.

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                                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                Details and troubleshooting steps for protected mode can be found here:


                                How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?