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    How to create new Plug-in

    Velprakash Level 1

      Hi Experts,

            I'm Indesign Js developer. Now I wish to work with ID SDK. I go through guides in indesign sdk Kit. But there, there are things mentioned and if I tried to execute the sample provided by them and tried to build, It shows some errors that "WriteFishPrice.dll" file missing. I search a lot in google about how to create my owm plug-in & development. But I can't found a clear solution. There is no enough Guide as clear. While I start learning Indesign JS before a long time, It's very clear guide's and easy to learn. But SDK is not clear. Is Getting Adobe License must for creating Plug-in? no other way? Can any one Guide me.....!


      I'm using CS5 & Windows OS.


      Thanks and Regards,