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    the deffrent between children and visibles objects

    thunderxlight11111 Level 1


      i have problem here because iam confusing between these things , i know that visible property has to values true and false , and addchild is another thing because when you have two objects

      then you put object 2 in object1 and i it will have its own x,y postion depend on that object , and object 1 is child for the main stage , but here is the problem

      i.ve opened discuss before this



      and when i remove the child , its effect will be there ?? on the stage !! it is like hiding object

      ? so iam very confuse now , also if removechild doesn,t remove the object from existing then how can i remove it??


      thank you and i hope you guys get what imean in my question

      please check this link (my old discuss)



      thank you