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    Photoshop doesn't work? CS4/5/6 same problem


      It's simple, I had Photoshop CS4, then one day all the tools and the whole program is just broken, let me explain


      Say I was trying to work on an image


      if I pick ANY tool, like lets say the polygon cut out tool thing, that doesn't work properly, it wont let me draw an outline or make an area to be selected


      the paint brush tool, I have to double click for it to work and even then if I move it more than like an inch it just cuts off and acts as if I've just deleted what I made.


      I made a video on it because it makes no sense to me at all.



      Anyway before we get to the video here's what I've done:



      Made sure nothing like scroll lock or caps lock is interfering with it

      Deleted all AppData files for photoshop


      AND I've even bought CS5 AND CS6 WITH THE SAME PROBLEM


      This makes no sense, I'd been using photoshop for years what the hell?


      Well my internet isn't it's best and youtube is taking a while to upload, for now does anyone have any idea?


      I love photoshop, I use it every day, this is painful.


      Edit: Another thing is that when I try to alter the image, say Edit>Hue and Saturation and then make the image RED or something and press OK, it acts like I pressed cancle... but I pressed ok...


      Also when I save images it seems like it doesn't actually saved them, I saved an image to my desktop and it wasn't there...


      Same with all versions, it's really annoying