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    Product Release and Expiry Date

    FraserMcCulloch Level 1

      I've just created and imported a product file of 1000 products only to discover I cannot import a product release and expiry date.


      Do I have to manually set a release and expiry date for every product ?



      Are there any workarounds ?


      The catalog import file has release and expiry dates. Will that over ride the product release and expiry dates ?


      Seems another ecommerce limitation and inconsistency between products and catalogs.


      Any ideas graciously appreciated



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          Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

          Hi Fraser,


          This is correct you can only set release/expiry dates for catalog within import but not for products which will need to be manually applied at this stage.


          Kind regards,


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            Scott Shefler Level 3

            This is pretty crazy you can't import products and set a release date!! And this is still an issue 4 years later. This is beyond a standard feature to be able to sort products by newest to oldest and most clients with more than a few products use excel imports to manage products. Even if the import didn't have release date but at least imported products with the current date and not January 2000 that would be somewhat helpful and then if products that already exist get imported that the release date does not get updated that would be nice.


            I did think of a workaround though for anyone else searching for a solution to this. If you're using module_data to output products you can import the date in the weighting/order field or a custom field like "20161130" and then use the "order" parameter with module_data to sort by weight which would sort it by date.

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              BillyBowyer Level 1

              I actually need to set release dates for a linear release of products, and set expiry in the same manner so they 'roll out'... Serously

              Just a basic 'launch' or a product range requires the ability to set a release date during import.


              Why does this issue still exist?? I thought by now BC would be on a HUNT AND DESTROY of all things buggy/limiting - are they still crapping on about 'oh we need to do infrastructure updates... and then we'll have BCV3 and it will the most amazing thing ever' ugh so damn sick of stumbling back across issues from a decade ago!