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    when object is remove then it can't create again

    Amit Shakya Level 1

      Hi there is an problem I can't understand why this is happening


      when user send one string to video class then this creates object for that request, if again user send same request then it can't create object.


      see www.fltech.in/tab2


      1) Click on any product,

      2) then guy stands and ask something

      3) after that youtube video will appear <skip that>

      4) you will see the form

      5) fill that form or you can leave that as it is click on close button,

      6) click on same product which you click last time <<< ERROR HERE


      here is my video class



      package code {

                import flash.display.MovieClip;

                import code.walktv;

                import code.walkcamera;

                import code.walklaptop;

                import code.walkphone;


                public class allvideos extends MovieClip{

                          private var video:MovieClip


                          public function allvideos() {




                          public function playvideo(str:String):void{ <<<this function plays videos



                                              video=new walktv()




                                    }else if(str=='phone'){

                                              video=new walkphone()




                                    }else if(str=='camera'){

                                              video=new walkcamera()




                                    }else if(str=='laptop'){

                                              video=new walklaptop()







                          public function continuevideo(){




                          public function stopvideo():void{