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    Need Assistance with simple illustrator operation


      Using Adobe Illustrator 10 for Windows 98 (no kidding).


      I'm designing a spot logo for a Charity.


      What I want to do is:


      1. Create a black circle (not filled, just the outline)

      2. Have a word on top (in this case, International) follow the path of the curve.

      3. Have the words "Awareness Fund" on the bottom, right-side up


      Here is the issue:

      1. I can make the path for the circle but I cannot make it any given color, it just disappears when I click off of it.  How do I do this?

      2. I can get the word on the top to follow the curve, but I cannot break out of it..  I don't know the term.  I cannot get the text tool to 'let go' of the previous word and start new ones. 

      3.  When I try to put the words "Awareness Fund" on the bottom not only do I have the problem that it is still attached to the first word on top but the letters are upside down.. how do I convert them to be right-side up?


      Many Thanks in Advance