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    cannot install Photoshop

    Laura Fellows

      have CS5 Extended - Student edition. I thought it would just install when I put the disc in the computer, or there would be an exe file or some such for installation, but no such luck. I did manage to find a serial number, but have no place to use it since I cannot find any installation aspect ot the software.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          If you do not see Setup.exe on your disk, it is very likely you have a Mac version of the disk. You will want to exchange your purchase for the Windows version.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Are you on a PC, or a Mac?


            Along Brett's line of thinking, some utilities, like MacDrive, can "hook" one's multi-drive, and basically convert it to Mac, effectively hiding most of the PC structure, including EXE files. Do you have any utilities, that might load at bootup, that would affect your multi-drive in any way? Some that can get in the way, though usually in other areas are: Nero & Roxio packet-writing software, like InCD, or DLA.


            When you have inserted the DVD, when you view it in Windows Explorer, what do you see for files and the folder structure?


            Good luck,