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    VC2 Studio will not activate


      To Whom it may concern.


      I have followed all instructions and updated my VC2 studio with the provided update at adobe. I then proceeded to run the activate exe provided by adobe.


      The software is not activating. I have seen others here speak of these issues and there has been no assistance.


      How do I activate my software? I paid good money for this back before serious magic was aquired by adobe. I need it to work please.


      Please advise.


      Richard Wing


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          richardwing Level 1

          Still looking for an answer.


          Please advise.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            HI there


            Have you contacted Adobe Support? Posting here isn't the same. Posting here is asking your fellow users for help. Contacting Adobe Support is what I'd recommend.


            Sometimes Adobe makes me angry and sad. Visual Communicator was an awesome product and they purchased Serious Magic and left VC to die and rot.


            Cheers... Rick

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              FixitMAD1 Level 1

              Hello Richard,


              I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but several years back (I'm not positive on the date), Adobe released this program that will let you "Self" register the software you own. The Registration servers are no longer online since they bought Serious Magic.


              If you go here --->   https://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=4246&fileID=3956 or here  http://helpx.adobe.com/legacy/kb/legacy-serious-magic-product-activation.html    you can download this nice utility which by the way, was promised by Serious Magic to eventually happen if they ever decided to stop supporting this product. This will allow you to register your VC2 studio program.


              Sorry Richard, I apparently did not read your entire message properly! 


              I would run something called Revo Uninstaller (The trial version) This program does a great job of finding left over files etc left behind from a program. Then uninstall the software and then  run ccleaner to clean up any junk files left behind.

              Defrag your system before reinstalling would not hurt as well. But as Rick suggested, if none of this works Calling Tech support would be your best option unfortunately.



              Good Luck!


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                richardwing Level 1

                Thank you for the suggestion. I had looked all over for a way to contact them directly. They only provide support channels for current products.


                This is really annoying.


                I followed all posted instructions they supplied and it is not working as they indicated it should.

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                  FixitMAD1 Level 1

                  Hi Richard,


                  I found this thread about another user having an activation issue with that Adobe Serious Magic Tool, and a tech by the name of Mark Mapes indicated this person should message him at mapes@adobe.com.  Here is the original thread I was referring to.





                  Hopefully this will get you some assistance or at least get you pointed to someone who "may" be able to assist you.


                  My other suggestion which would take longer is to perform this:


                  Use that Revo Uninstaller to watch an install of VC2 on another computer. Then the program can tell you what files were updated. I have used another program called the Uninstall Tool by crystalIDEA. You may then be able to find out what registry locations may be the issue.


                  Sorry, I could not be more helpful. Good luck and let us know if you get this resolved.


                  I forgot to mention, it has been said that if you Right-Click and select Run As Administrator, this tool should work?


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