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    "Special" customers - how to flag them?

    DandyDahlia Newcomer

      Does anyone have a system for flagging "special" customers?


      We supply shops and sometimes they are across the road from each other and therefore a "special" case as two stores can't take same products in same area. We need a way that only WE can see a note to know to treat them differently and not offend the customer.


      Plus - Sometimes we have bad debt customers that we can no longer supply on credit and we'd like an easy way to internally be flagged - again not wanting them to see the note and be offended.



      Up the top of the customer card it shows first and last name. If only it had added on the middle name where we can write "special" so we can easily see they are special but the customer can not see this middle name field.

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          Brad Lawryk Mythic

          You can create a new custom field in the CRM customer profile very easily. Then you can easily filter them out or flag them in your reports.



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            DandyDahlia Newcomer

            Thanks Brad, but unfortunately we tried that and it just doesn't help as when orders come through the link is to the order screen and they are printed straight away. We simply don't have time to click details for every single customer - We tried it but it's just not feasible.


            The middle name field was the only thing that seemed to work (as more obvious) but still clicking though is time consuming and the main reason we moved to BC was to speed up orders.


            I just hoped there would be some way to flag a customer? Or have a special popup that only we see?


            I also tried to tag the middle name on the packing slip - so we could have it large print and at least catch the order before it went to the factory - but there is no middle name tag that I could find.



            We love that BC is so automated and it's as quick and simple as clicking a button to print an order but we are just struggling as there is little room to move if a customer/product/anything is not textbook standard. The joy of being a business is that sadly no one system is perfect and we just need to find a work around.

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              Brad Lawryk Mythic

              What about using Relationships? You can even set which business is near them if you like. You can display relationship.

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                Brad Lawryk Mythic

                What is exactly the chain of events that you guys go through?


                Gotta be a way to work around this.