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    Dreamweaver freezes on launch

    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

      Andyfoley it looks like you have reverted back to installing via the Adobe Application Manager instead of the trial.  That said from what I can see it does appear Dreamweaver has installed successfully.  Do you receive any specific error messages when trying to open Dreamweaver CS6?

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          Theres no errors when trying to boot the application just hangs I do get an error report when I force quit the application it is an extremely large document. I can boot the application from the terminal when I select it as root user with the command


          sudo  /Applications/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CS6/Adobe\ Dreamweaver\ CS6.app/Contents/MacOS/Dreamweaver


          Other wise it just hangs and says the application is not responding shall I reinstall using the trail version and send you the file from that?

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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            No AndyFoley I have branched off the later portion of the thread and moved it to the Dreamweaver forum.  It does not appear that you are experiencing an installation error from reviewing the installation log.  The users in this forum should be able to provide troubleshooting steps which are more specific to Dreamweaver launch errors.

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              andyfoley Level 1

              Thank you for all your help really hope this is able to sort my problems cheers!

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Your welcome Andyfoley at least we have ruled out an install failure so we are making progress. 

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                  Jeff A Wright,


                  I am having a similar situation when trying to install the trial.. My computer downloads the installation perfectly but when the Installation initiates it takes a long time and in got stuck twice in 25% for more than 4 hours which seems to be extreme for a software instalation when the exe its already downloaded.


                  I'mm trying for the third time to install the trial as Im looking for an easy to use tool to design a website if dreamweaver works in my computer I will upgrade to the full version.


                  Thanks in advance



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                    I'm currently having your exact problem. Very annoying, as I just downloaded creative cloud today and am already experiencing problems.



                    Does anyone have a solution to Dreamweaver stopping installation at 25%? Sometimes it doesn't even begin the installation. This has happened six times now and I can't find much information as to why it's happeneing.