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    possible flash player issue

    blagojex Community Member

      Hello, I wish to adress this forum with the following problem.


      There is this browser based, running on flash online game I have been playing for a while now (http://www.gunshine.net/) and everything worked fine until a few days ago. I tried to join the game via chrome as usual, but after the initial loading screen all I got was this black screen

      the issue.jpg

      I tried switching to mozilla/opera but that didn't help and the same black screen kept appearing. Then I took my sisters laptop to see if it was maybe an ingame problem but it wasn't, everything worked fine from there. I applied all of the possible fixes provided here http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/common-problems-flash-player.html, but I still keep having the same problem. This made me think that maybe the issue wasn't flash related, but ever since the "black screen event" I have also noticed some youtube videos simply freezing or not loading without any obvious reason(dropping connection, stopping the download). Also I sometimes cant expand images on facebook which made my belief that this was a flash issue even firmer.


      And those would be the issues I'm experiencing. I have a Windows Vista 32bit with version of flash installed. Any help is welcome.