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    Mobile Web Conferencing Solution


      I have happily been using Connect for about a year now as a desktop to desktop solution and love how flexible it is in terms of layout and how simple it is to get people started with it. We do not host it ourselves


      Ok, so now we have a groudswell of staff wanting to use it for more things, most interestingly to stream some presentations or mini lectures where some students can't be physically present, but the rest are in a lecture room.


      Using a Logitech Conference Cam and a laptop, we tried to capture what was going on in the room, and also uploaded the Powerpoint and clicked through it to match what the lecturer was doing.

      The results were ok-ish - but how could I make this better? The sound wasn't excellent, as the mic was too weak for the size of room and the lecturer liked to move around a lot.


      We have the budget to buy some stuff - a mobile trolley, a decent webcam, a better mic, well powered PC.


      Can anyone suggest how I could upgrade the experience?

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          Jorma_at_CoSo Adobe Community Professional

          I would expect the best experience would be to have the presenter either use the Connect iterface for shareing a presentation, or to screen share his presentation, so he can use the standard PPT interface.


          You should be able to use just about any webcam, though a consumer level camera with a wider angle lense and pan/zoom funcationlty. There may be some configuration needs to get it to be seen by Connect, but nothing that should be too involved. Keep in mind that Connect doesn't support HD video, so having a camera that can do SD video would be a thing to look for.


          As to the mic, we have used SURE lavolier mics before and they do a good job. The lecturer can then just clip the mic to his shirt, and then wander where ever they need to.


          I suspect the PC you have is just fine.

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            veeceew Level 1

            Thanks Jorma, I don't know whty I didn't think of using screen sharing for the Powerpoint!!! because the lecturer just wanted to do what he normally did, ie pace the room and use a clicker to advance the PPT, I sat there and did it for him thru the Connect interface!


            I know this is probably a really silly question, but how do the lapel mic's work? do they send the signal back to a base station which then plugs into the laptop or PC?


            Would we also be able to have a roving mic for Q&A in the audience so the remote audience can hear? Would this then necessitate an audio mixer, and how would that play with Connect - well or would it be an almighty hassle?


            Sorry for all the questions!!!

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              Jorma_at_CoSo Adobe Community Professional

              There are not silly questions, as you don't get answers unless you ask.


              The lavalier mic (http://www.amazon.com/Shure-PG14-Wireless-Lavalier-System/dp/B000QSQY60/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8 &qid=1345048083&sr=8-5&keywords=sure+lavalier) is a wireless mic that would have a battery pack that clips to a belt or pocket and a mic that would clip to a shirt or tie. Then there would be a receiver that would plug into the mic input of the computer, and it would be recognized as an audio input to the sound card.


              If you were going to use multiple mics, you could use a sound board to mix the audio before sending it to the broadcasting computer. This would allow you to have the audio come back into the room and into the computer for broadcasting. However, if you are just trying to get the audio to be broadcast out, you could have a second mic hooked up to a second computer and that would be your audience mic.


              Does that make sense?