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    lokesh vee




      I want to hide the menu(TOC) for particular slides in my captivate 6 course.  I have tried using the variable cpCmndTOCVisible by setting its value to 0. But this approach is not working.



      Can help me on this.




      Lokesh V

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          Lilybiri CommunityMVP

          You are right, I never could make it happen neither with that new system variable. Probably another bug...It is a Cmnd, should be active, not read-only. Perhaps someone from the Adobe Staff could explain how to handle it?



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            Alan Redensek

            cpCmndTOCVisible //Shows or hides the TOC. Set the value to 1 to show the TOC. Set the value to 0 to hide the TOC



            Any movement on this? I'm also trying to have the TOC close/disappear on certain slides.

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              Lilybiri CommunityMVP

              Just checked again it is functional but only if the TOC is in Overlay mode. I was able to show the TOC on a slide, then some slides later to hide it again. Using a standard advanced action, because the With dropdown list in the simple Action accordion doesn't allow to choose cpCmndTOC.



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                Alan Redensek Community Member

                No kidding! I'm trying and still unable to get it to work.



                Can you see what am I doing wrong here?



                The TOC just stays open, both in the flash and HTML5 output.

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                  Alan Redensek Community Member

                  I was completely unsuccessful with trying to get the cpCmndTOCVisible variable to work, and since it's only the HTML5 output I'm working with, I just called the following functions with javascript:





                  So far, this works like a charm

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                    jeanrouge Community Member

                    can you be more specific on where you added that js? did you add it in an advanced action or after publishing?

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                      Alan Redensek Community Member

                      Yes I created an advanced action called something like openTOC and put in a javascript call to toc.tocAnimator.showTOC();


                      Create another action to close the toc and call toc.tocAnimator.hideTOC();


                      Keep in mind I've only tested this working in HTML5, I don't believe it will work in the flash output.

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                        FIMage Community Member

                        Just posting an update to this question.  If you are using Captivate 6 first make sure you have installed the patch which updates your Captivate 6 to version


                        You can create a toggle button to open and close the TOC menu with this expression.


                        Expression  cpCmndTOCVisible = 1 - cpCmndTOCVisible


                        This will now work correctly in HTML5 and Flash.




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                          Lilybiri CommunityMVP

                          Richard, you should add that this only works for overlay TOC's. The system variable is brand new in Captivate 6 and is mentioned in my overview of system variables. As about the toggle suggestion, where on my blog did you find it? Has been so many times I suggested that expression.




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                            RodWard CommunityMVP

                            Actually, we should log an enhancement request for Cp7 that would mean this same variable (or perhaps a new one could get added as cpCmndSeparateTOCVisible) would also hide a separate TOC by perhaps making it disappear.  Why should it only work on an overlay TOC?  There will definitely be times that you might also want the TOC to disappear if you are using a separate TOC.  I know you can use a system variable to Lock the TOC, but in some cases just being able to see the TOC at all might be giving too much away.

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                              FIMage Community Member

                              Thanks Lilybiri,


                              I thought that because you had mentioned that in an earlier post that someone following the thread would have noticed it but adding a reminder would have been a good idea.  I have been searching a lot of Captivate forums recently so not sure where I found the original post about the toggle suggestion.



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                                Lilybiri CommunityMVP



                                That suggestion is not only in several threads on the forum, but in a lot of my blog posts? First time I published it was here more than 2 yrs ago in one of my first articles:



                                More recent ones, with examples:

                                http://lilybiri.posterous.com/toggle-button      very detailed explanation and popular (number of hits)

                                http://lilybiri.posterous.com/toggle-shape-buttons    for Captivate 6 only



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                                  alvinsorianojr Community Member

                                  Thank you Richard for sharing.

                                  This worked with my project too.