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    Data Merge Shifting Records off the page...?


      I am trying to do a data merge to create a member directory, finished size 5.5x8.5

      I am doing multiple records (each sized 1.5x.1.5 inches) per document page, and when I  Preview the multiple record layout, it shifts all of the records down about 1 inch, and over to the left about 2. It does not seem to be lining up with anything. My margins for the data merge are set to .3 all around.


      I have tried using a data source that is a CSV (comma delinated) and also a Text (tab delinated) file.

      I have tried creating a new file and reseting the needed info from scratch, to help ensure there wasn't any possible file corruption.


      Here's a picture of what's happening. Can anyone give me a clue why this shift is happening?

      I am using CS6, and have never had this happen to me before with any previous work.



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