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    Zoom Display Anomoly

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Working on an image this evening and needed to do some pixel level editing, and noticed two issues, they may be just on my system, but if someone else would check them out.


      First, going to the navigator panel and select the zoom percentage, then using the up arrow to increase the zoom factor - the percentage value increases but the zoom does not work - for example my image is zoomed to 100% in the edit window, highlight the percentage zoom, increase the zoom amount using the up arrow to say 170% - but the image stays at 100%


      Second, once you zoom to say 500% instead of seeing a highly pixelated image I see the suit material - like we saw before but cannot remember the bug that was being discussed. This maybe a driver issue - but just upgraded to the latest driver for the Intel 40000. Update at a zoom factor of 495% I see a pixelated image - at 520% and greater I see the suit fabric - yes sometimes for portrait retouching I do work at 500% ort higher


      Here is the fabric at 520% zoom factor




      Running CS6 with all the latest patches applied with Windows 7 x64



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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          For the navigator, does it work if you push the enter key after you use the arrow keys?

          Also with the navigator you can highlight the zoom value use the arrow keys and before you press enter hold the shift key so the values stay highlighted.

          Then you can enter another value without having to highlight the zoom percent.


          The second one it looks like your seeing the pixel grid: View>Show>Pixel Grid


          Or it might be the regular grid: View>Show>Grid

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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            Yes, hitting the enter key works, but wish it were interactive like the other controls  - Layer Opacity for example - pixel peeping and having to keep hitting enter is not as productive as just holding an arrow key down.



            You are right about pixel grid being set as on - never used that before so must be on by default. Now I know that pixel grid activates at a zoom level of 500% - lower magnifications and you don't see the grid.


            Thanks - leaned something tonight


            Now off to bed




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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              Instead of the navigator have you tried the scrubby zoom that is in Move Tool options on the tool options bar?


              Or the Animated Zoom under Edit>Preferences>General?

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                MikeKPhoto Level 2

                I have tried the scubby zoom, but with Wacom Pen in one hand and finger on the up/down arrow would be much more efficient in speed retouching, especially when working on large batches of files.