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    Flash Pro CS6 fails to load


      Flash Pro CS6 loads and suddenly disappear while "loading fonts".  I found similar discussions, and their solution suggests to find fontinfo.txt and edit it, but i fail to find the fontinfo.txt but found a missfont.map.

      Help needed, thanks in advance..

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          Ned Murphy MVP

          If one of the discussions was not the one linked below you should give it a look.




          It basically says you want to remove everything from the fonttinfo.txt file, and indicates where the file should be found.  So if you cannot find the file there, you can just create the (empty) file and put it there using Notepad or whatever ascii text file software you have available.

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            tanhauhau93 Community Member

            i've tried that. it still does not work.

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              SuhasYogin Adobe Employee



              The fontinfo.txt file can be found at:


              C:\Users\«YourUserName»\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS6\en_US\Configuration


              Firstly, let me know if you are able find the fontinfo.txt file at the said location. Secondly, if you manage find it, empty the .txt file, save as Read Only (you need to ENABLE this option, not Disable as in your post), and then try restarting Flash.


              Please see if it works for you. These are steps as described in the forum discussion Ned referred, and I would request you try these to see if the issue still persists.



              Suhas Yogin