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    Javascript required for FormCalc?


      Boy I hope this will not be a problem.  I have a form that runs on pure FormCalc, is dynamic and interactive.  The client is running on a javascript free zone, meaning they don't have it turned on in anyones machine.  When the form is opened an error comes up saying that "JavaScript is currently disabled and this document uses it for some features.  Enabling JavaScript can lead to potential security issues."  Only until I enable JS does the form run.


      There is no JS on the form, purely FormCalc running on the client.  That said, why is this JS error coming for a form that has none? Does the core use JS regardless for dynamic forms?  Any way around this?  If not, I can only think of running this on the server which yields are kinds of issues for dynamic forms.




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          RichK123 Level 1

          I also want to add that all the form calc script is run on the client on this dynamic form.  Prior, it was set to a static form and run on the server which of course rendered it correctly.  However, I needed to make it dynamic so that fields could grow/expand.  I'm not sure if this is a matter of picking my poison or what...

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            RichK123 Level 1

            Keeping thinking about this... more to add.


            So this form is dynamic and the script is run on the client.  Before, it was static and running on the server (the script).  So my question is, is it possible to have a dynamic form with script which runs at the server? I imagine not, since the dynamic form is loaded at runtime by the client when opened... If this is possible, then that might be a solution.

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              radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              to run a dynamic form on client side that contains either FormCalc or JavaScript scriptings you will always have to activate JavaScript in the client (Acrobat or Reader).

              The concerns about security are correct, but sometimes overrated, because nothing is safe at all.

              So even without JavaScript a malicious PDF can attack your computer in manifold ways.

              Adobe introduced the Protected View with Acrobat/Reader 10.1.0, which will run the whole app in a sandbox.

              I think this method is the best compromise between usage of interactive feature and security.

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                RichK123 Level 1

                Hello Radzmar,


                Helpful as always! So I agree with this and had actually already informed folks to this fact.  However, I then came across this forum posting with alot of traffic:




                Which seems to suggest that this in fact possible through some Server configuration.  So now I'm doubtful... not to mention I am in an a-typical landscape.

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                  radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I don't have such server enviroment, so I cannot comment on this thread, sorry.