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    Seam in reflected objects

    Petros_ Level 1

      I got some great help with reflected styles from this thread the other day. But now I'm getting some weird display issues. At most of the zoom levels, or when I export from Illustrator, or when I place these in Indesign (to add some text and export to share with my team) I see this seam ...


      But when I zoom in a lot, my art looks fine, no seam...


      I'm creating some icons that have to be 512x512, but most of the time they'll display at 100x100px, so it's important they look good at that size. Right now I get a seam at that size. Things I've tried:


      1. Grab all the end points and align center (relative to selection).
      2. Ensure that none of those end points have handles at an angle other than flat horizontal.


      What has worked:

      • Exporting all artboards at a very large resolution, importing into photoshop, convert to smart object, and resize, realign, etc. and export that image to share with others. Pain in the neck to alter my design and reshare with team.


      What has not worked:

      • Place the illustrator artboards in InDesign (preferred) – still see a seam
      • Export as pngs and place in InDesign (not preferred) – no seam, but bad image quality


      How I would like this to work:

      Shouldn't I be able to have no seam at any zoom level and export without a seam? Is there a trick I'm missing? Cheers.