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    Setting ToolBar button label text


      Does anyone know why this code isn't setting a label next to my button?  I would like to create a button with an image and a text label on the right side of the button.  The button is displaying with my image, but the label isn't showing up.


      ACCB1 ASBool ACCB2 PluginInit ()



          AVToolBar toolBar = AVAppGetToolBar ();

          AVToolButton toolButton, toolsSeparator;


          // Set up our toolbutton

          toolsSeparator = AVToolBarGetButtonByName (toolBar, ASAtomFromString("endToolsGroup"));

          toolButton = AVToolButtonNew (ASAtomFromString("ADBE:LFAcroPlugIn"), GetButtonIcon(), true, false); 


          // Toolbutton internal by default.

          //AVToolButtonSetExternal (toolButton, TOOLBUTTON_EXTERNAL);


          AVToolBarAddButton(toolBar, toolButton, true, toolsSeparator);

          AVToolButtonSetExecuteProc (toolButton,

              ASCallbackCreateProto(AVExecuteProc, &LFAcroPlugInCommand), NULL);

          AVToolButtonSetComputeEnabledProc (toolButton,

              ASCallbackCreateProto(AVComputeEnabledProc, &LFAcroPlugInIsEnabled), NULL);

          AVToolButtonSetHelpText (toolButton, "Save");


          //Create Label for Save Button

          ASText tmpText = ASTextNew();

          ASTextSetPDText(tmpText, "Save");

          ASConstText labelText = tmpText;


          AVToolButtonSetLabelText(toolButton, labelText, kAVButtonPriorityOnNormal);


          return true;