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    Bluish tint on screen when Photoshop CS6 running




      I just bought a MacBook Pro three weeks ago. I'm running Mountain Lion. Also, I have my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6.


      Something very unusual is happening. I'm a Graphic Designer and currently doing an Interior Design major. I calibrated my monitor perfectly. But now, ever since I installed CS6, every time I open Photoshop, a bluish tint sets on the screen, affecting every program running (browsers, for example) and it's very annoying (not to mention it disrupts any color calibration I made to my monitor). The only solution to this problem is closing Photoshop (the problem persists even if I minimize Photoshop to use another program).


      I tried opening Illustrator and it works fine. Only with Photoshop this is happening.


      I searched on Apple discussion boards for similar cases and found nothing.


      What's interesting, I took screenshots to send them to a friend and the screenshots don't seem to be affected by this phenomenon.


      Have I gone crazy or someone here has an idea on this?


      Thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Could be a hardware issue. Has happened in the past - under load, poorly soldered contacts just don't hold and this changes the electricity levels. I'd have it checked out...



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            Andreas0 Level 1

            Somebody at the Apple discussion board helped me out and solved the problem.


            What happens is when you're running Photoshop, the computer switches to its Nvidia card instead of the built-in Intel graphics card, and for reason, this switch is not happening in my computer.


            I installed, as advised, the useful app gfx card status (http://codykrieger.com/gfxCardStatus) that lets you select what card to use. This solved the problem immediately.


            Thank you,



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              clinton_dyches Level 1

              I thought I recognized that post - glad you got it working. I monitor both this board and the Apple boards.



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                I'm having the same issue on my brand new MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion and Photoshop CS6. I downloaded the gfx card status app and it allows me to switch back and forth between the graphics cards, but I don't understand when the computer should be using one graphics card or the other.


                Is there a reason my computer was automatically switching to the NVIDIA GeForce GT card? Is it okay to run Photoshop on the Intel HD Graphics 4000? Is there any way I can recalibrate the colors of the display when using either card to match?


                Thanks for the help!

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                  clinton_dyches Level 1

                  As I said in my post on the Apple board, my bluish tint problem when switching graphics cards eventually just went away - no idea why. And I tried recalibrating when I had the blue tint screen but do no avail.


                  I can open Photoshop and use it with my Intel integrated card sometimes - PS itself doesn't seem to make the switch automatically. But when I open Bridge (which I use almost always) the discrete graphics card kicks in. My temporary solution was to use gfxCardStatus on discrete all of the time. And after a while, when I began switching to integrated while on battery, my problem vanished.


                  But if you've a new MBP (mine's a late 2011 yet still under warranty until 2015) I'd take it back to the Apple Store and have them switch it out for another machine. The problem doesn't seem to crop up often (else there would be many more complaints) and it seems to be only on 2011 and 2012 machines. I don't think it's an Adobe problem at all as it happened to me when any app that uses discrete graphics would kick in (including Google Chrome).


                  I didn't send in a bug report to Apple because I thought that the problem was only with my machine. Yours is only the fourth time I've heard of the dreaded blue tint occurring. Take your machine back to the Apple Store and show them the problem. Maybe they will have a better fix than just using gfxCardStatus.





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                    yesyesyesyesyesno Level 1

                    the photoshop-blueish-tint-when-using-dedicated-graphics also happens on my MID 2010 macbook pro.


                    OSX 10.8


                    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB




                    I am currently testing CS6 (cloud) and right now i think i'll get PS CS5 because of this annoying issue.



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                      Photoshop is not supposed to switch cards - the OS is supposed to disable the integrated card and use the big GPU automatically.

                      It sounds like the OS is not making that switch correctly.

                      Further, there is some problem with the integrated GPU or it's driver that is causing a color cast.  How it could affect all applications - I don't know, someone from Intel or Apple will need to debug that.


                      Fortunately, you can turn off automatic graphics switching and just use the pro GPU and not the integrated mini GPU.

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                        jolitt2000 Level 1

                        I ended up getting the color cast to go away by resetting the SMC (holding shift+control+option+power while off) and resetting the PRAM (holding command+option+P+R keys while restarting). I may still bring it in to a store to get it checked out though. Thanks for the help everyone!!