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    Please fix CS6 AVCHD bug asap!


      There defintely seems to be a bug using AVCHD clips in CS6. The multicam with spanned clips is unusable in a superfast 6 core processor with the latest nvidia card also the exports show corrupted footage and red frames occasionally. Single line spanned AVCHD is also a problem with red frames showing up. The camera I use is a Panansonic HMC-150 but I use Premiere this on a daily basis so I had to go back to CS5 where everything is working fine on the same computer and hardware setup. I guess shame on me for upgrading too fast but it's almost like releasing a version in the early 2000's that doesn't work with DV. Strange.


      Oh and why not add a feature to have your timeline export Mpeg DVD to fit a dvd? If you export to DVD just have a fit to single or dual layer DVD option instead of having to fool around with the bitrate every time you export. The sizes of the media are not a mystery and I would bet most of the time people are exporting and just want to max out the DVD space. This feature used to be in CS2 i think I remember but was taken out. Strange.