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    Captivate 6 SCORM 2004 Missing Ability to Choose How Score is Reported

    jaw63 Level 1



      I just discovered that when I enable a course in Captivate 6 to report as SCORM 2004, that my option to choose to report the quiz score to my LMS as a percentage or as a score is taken away from me. I still have the option if I choose SCORM 1.2, but I'd prefer to use SCORM 2004 over 1.2.


      See the screen shots below. The top image is from a Mac (that shouldn't make a diference, right?) but when I change it to SCORM 1.2, the Quiz Score option appears. The bottom image is from a PC.


      Is there a workaround for this? Or a patch? Or plan to fix this in a later release?


      Captivate 6 without Quiz Score options.png


      Captivate 6 with Quiz Score options.png