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    Text color over transparent graphics and in on-screen display of PDFs 'printed' from InDesign

    unegomme Level 1

      Hello, All!


      I'm new here and am having trouble with color in InDesign CS3.  The attached collage of screenshots explains both parts of the problem:  putting a graphic under type prevents me from having the purple type I want—and, when I make a PDF from that InDesign document, all the right purple (even the stuff with no graphics beneath it) is converted to the wrong purple.  (Ignore the statement about zoom factors; it was explanation for a friend.)  It seems almost incredible that there's no way to avoid this problem, but my searches for the solution have been fruitless so far.  (I'm admittedly a novice in some aspects of InDesign.)

      Public 2012-08-15 c1530EDT.png

      Although I may eventually print the document on actual paper, with just an inkjet printer, I'm not quite as concerned about the color there.  Just having the proper purple in the on-screen display of a PDF would be quite an improvement over the present roadblock.


      Thanks to anyone who can help:  you surely know more than I about such things.