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    PPRO CS6.01 - 'strange' frames.

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I just did my first real project with CS6, and I am very pleased in general, though I have a slightly problem once i a while.


      I edit Canon XF, 35mbps, 1080 50i. Once i a while (2-3 times pr. hrs.) I get a frame like this:




      I have made my project settings via rightclick on the clip and make it auto. If I save and close Premiere and open it back up, that frame can be ok, but then there might be another one another place. I have checked the org. footage, and it is ok. If I put an effect on the footage arround the place and render it from 'red', it is ok too.


      I get a few per hour too when I render, have so far only tried H.264 720 25P preset with maximum render quality.


      My system details are: Win7 x64, Intel i7 3820, 16 GB RAM, SSD boot disc, 2 separate 10K 600 GB for media & render, Geforce GTX570 with the latest Nvidia Driver, 296.10.


      This is of course no showstopper since it is pretty rare, but if something could be done, I would not mind