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    Getting WLMM Quality Using Premiere Pro CS5.5?


      As a hobby I upload footage of video game play to YouTube. Usually I just edit it quickly in WLMM, which takes like 10 minutes to save/upload a 10 minute video to YouTube with perfect quality. For this newest video (a montage) I'm editing using Premiere Pro CS5.5, but no matter what I do or what tutorials I follow it still comes out kind of blurry and poor when I export. Either that or I hike the quality and it says it's going to take hours to finish.


      Surely the more advanced APP has settings which will allow me to upload as WLMM does, in 10 minutes and crisp without losing quality? Does anybody know them?


      I record using a capture card, non-widescreen, standard definition all the way. Any more information you need I can provide.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use the right tool for the job at hand. If you need to get a cork out of a bottle of wine, you use a screwpull, not an electric hammer dill. Same here. WLMM is a consumer tool, like a Swiss army knife that also has a screwpull, you don't want to use a professional hammer drill for getting that cork out. Imagine how long that would take if you don't want to break the bottle. PR is designed with the pro in mind to edit material from video cameras, not some video plays for Youtube.

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            ry.mcd.g Level 1

            Well, regardless, some people (me) use it for things like that. WLMM has squat for editing options and I had to use something. I just don't understand why no matter what options I use I can't have a simple Title that doesn't end up blurry. Where's the crispness? It comes in but it doesn't come out.


            I'm no Adobe rookie. This was only my first time using PP and I put the montage together rather easily. Treat me as a peer here.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Well, I never have experienced problems with titles turning up blurry, so the only things I can think of are:


              • Wrong source material, not suitable for editing or with an unsuitable codec
              • Wrong sequence setting that does not match the source material
              • Wrong export setting
              • Wrong something else like hardware, capture card, etc.


              Since you did not give details on anything, it is hard to say what it is, but all four points above are OE, operator error.


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