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    Problems with jpeg2000 in pdf

    arnold ETH Level 1



      with release 10.1.4. of Adobe Acrobat, support of scanned and embedded jpeg2000-images by Adobe Acrobat has obviously gotten much worse !? Whereas with version 10.1.3 everything was OK, Acrobat can neither display nor print a lot of jpeg2000 images due to "insufficient data". Also export images to tiff or other formats does not work anymore. As mentioned, the same files / images were opened and displayed and exported correctly in Version 10.1.3. I have checked whether there are syntax or other errors in the named file (the answer is no). This occurs obviously with files created or treated by Acrobat itself as well as many other software creating pdfs with embedded jpeg2000. I hope this bug will be fixed as soon as possible, cause on the base of my understanding, this is a bug in Adobe Acrobat and maybe Adobe Reader too. Jpeg2000 is used in the whole world by many users and created by many software companies on the base of an ISO-certified standard. Note: the files are pdf/a 2b files! At the moment the alternative is to leave pdf and to go back to tif-images or pdfs with embedded ZIP-TIF-Files with exploding storage space needs. Does anybody know already about this issue?


      Thanks for your help!