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    Adobe Premier Elements 10 has stopped working error message/Audio issues


      I'm working on a project for about a week. I almost finished it,  "shared" it to my computer, and watched it thru windows media player.  I thought of something else that I could add to the audio, so I went back into the project in PE10 and put small (2-3 seconds) audio clips on audio track 3.  Once I did that, PE 10 would not allow me to put any audio effects on that track.  (I went into some older longer projects that I have and it allowed me to put effects on any audio track).

      So, I moved my short audio clips to the Narration and Soundtrack tracks.  It finally highlighted the App;y button for the audio effects.  Now, the problem is that I can't play or click onthe timeline or move the timeline indicator without PE10 closing out of my video.  As soon as I try to do anything, it says "Adobe Premier Elements 10 has stopped working" and it closes the program.


      I can open my other projects and everything seems to work fine on those and it doesn't close out, but it won't allow me to do anything in this particular project.

      Again, I have been going into and out of the project for a week and all of the sudden it won't let me work on it.  It's only about a 3 minute project, so I don't know why it would have trouble.

      Oh, and it also un-rendered everything.


      Any thoughts?