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    How to reuse a Joomla database?

    Sunshine Kid

      Client wants to have a BC site, but the info from the current site is in Joomla. How can I build them a site besides the 4 main html pages?  Can the database be reused from the Excel file?

      Rather use Dreamweaver than Joomla any day.

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          Liam Dilley MVP

          Hey there.

          Bit confusing post there but will try help on this..


          Dreamweaver is a programing tool to code websites or applications with. Joomla is a CMS - Content Mangement system. Adobe Business Catalyst is the BC CMS (more then just a cms).

          You can choose to develop BC sites on Dreamweaver or other applications like Coda2, Sublime Text 2 etc.


          Best thing to do is not just try copy their old site, likely lots of issues, badly made, strange things etc. Rebuild, do it right, web standards, work to help improve the online business. etc


          But if you export their customers from joomla into an excel spreadsheet you can download the import spreadsheet from BC for the CRM and get the content into the format BC needs from the joomla one and then import.


          Joomla addons, custom PHP code etc of course wont run on BC.


          Hope that helps.