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    Previous trial opens instead of Creative Cloud


      Why does my mac keep trying to open my old trial version, instead of Creative cloud?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Meesruben,


          What program are you seeing this with?



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            kelly2marie Level 1

            I too am having the exact same issue.  I own Web design premium suite CS5.  I downloaded free trial of Adobe CS6 which has now expired.  Today, I decided to use adobe creative cloud... when I downloaded the app assitant, it showed Fireworks CS6 as "installed".  But when I launched it, my free trial window opened, which has expired.  It wanted a serial number, which I could not supply.


            So... I removed the free trial from pc (windows 7).  And restarted, and tried again.  This time, I first downloaded the fireworks cs6 app, which ran fine. But when I went to launch it, I got the same thing... the free trial window opened and wanted a serial number.


            What do I do!!?

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              I have the same issue, with all my programs. I never downloaded a free trial of Adobe CS6 Yesterday i decided to use Adobe Cloud. when I launch a program like Photoshop it says it is a trial version?


              Does anyone know the problem?

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                I have the exact same problem! I have spoken to 4 people from customer service and technical support, no results. This is ridiculous. I am not paying for a monthly subscription if the software only lasts for 30 days! Many people are having this same problem why are Adobe not looking into this??


                Also on the FAQ on the Adobe website it states that if you purchase online you will recieve your serial number by email. Is this not the easier solution and why am i not receiving this email? The only email i have recieve is my approval for my student creative cloud membership.


                I have been told by 4 people from customer and technical support that there should be a download that verifys my software into the full version. But when i enter my order status and click 'your download' this download section is empty!


                I start a new job in 2 weeks time and i need this software for the job role. If it is not sorted within 30 days i am not continuing my membership and want a full refund of my first payment just for the hassle!

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                  David__B Adobe Employee

                  A couple clarifying points I wanted to callout when reading over peoples posts here:


                  - If you are running a trial version of a product, the 30 day trial affects any other trials which happen to include that same product.

                  For example, if you downloaded a trial of Master Collection CS6 which included Photoshop CS6, you couldn't install the trial of Photoshop CS6 by itself and use it for an additional 30 days. Once you've used the 30 day trial up for a product you will be prompted to enter a serial number. This includes the trial of Creative Cloud.


                  - In some rare cases the trial will not give you the 30 days, this does not happen very often but it can. Usually the reason that this happens is there is something about the computer in which the trial was installed that prevented the software from installing and delivering the trial period properly, examples would include the system date being set incorrectly, security software preventing necessary registry or file changes, improper user permissions. If for some reason you installed a trial and didn't get your 30 days to try out the product, a good option might be to test out the software on a different computer. If you buy a product directly from Adobe, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days if needed.


                  - Different types of Adobe products use different licensing. Products you purchase to own use serial numbers. Subscription products like Creative Cloud Membership license with your Adobe ID and do NOT use serial numbers.


                  @Macullen91, I'm sorry to hear Creative Cloud didn't work out for you. I don't know all the details of your situation. When you join Creative Cloud you are billed monthly by credit card and the software does need to check the status of your subscription every 30 days. This should happen silently the background unless it can't connect to the internet. It sounds like you might be looking at a FAQ and documentation regarding buying a product to own versus subscribing to Creative Cloud, as I described Creative Cloud doesn't use serial numbers. If you buy a product to own there is an option to download or be mailed the physical boxed media. If you choose the download option you are sent an email with download instructions and a serial number. I'm sorry no one explained all this to you clearer sooner and your experience was a such a hassle. I'm happy to answer additional questions to if you have any and review whatever documentation you saw that caused the confusion to better understand.



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                    kelly2marie Level 1

                    So if I upgrade to the creative cloud subscription, Fireworks will work?  Correct?  That's how I am interpreting your email.  Of course, I was not going to sign a one year contract without first trying it out. 


                    So you might want to post it some where.  The only other info I could find was a recommendation to uninstall the free trial.  But that alone does not work.


                    thanks for your help.

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                      David__B Adobe Employee

                      @ luucas33, my recommedation to you would be to try the trial on a different computer if you have that option.

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                        I'm still running into these issues in November.  There's a problem here that Adobe needs to resolve.  I downloaded the trial, ran for 20+ days, purchased a full subscription to Creative Cloud.  And here I am tonight ready to work, and I cannot open photoshop because my "trial" expired, though I have a receipt for my order.  I redownloaded the application manager, I logged in in order to do that, and when I open photoshop it still thinks I'm not licensed.  I'm screwed.  I have a deadline to meet, and I'm really annoyed that people have been having these problems for months and there seems to be no solution.

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                          IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!


                          I spent the whole week-end trying to understand what happen.

                          I have some CS5 programs in trial version


                          2012/12/13 - I purchased Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition. . I recive an e-mail expalining me that Adobe will ask me elegibili proof.

                          First I install  Photoshop an Dreamweaver. I run Photoshop and Dreamweaver with non problem.

                          2012/12/13 - Sanddenly, launcing Photoshop the Trial Dialog pops up and I try to find a solution on Adobe site:

                          1. I find a notice that says that immediately after the order I will  recive a request of elegibility proof. If not i'm suggested to try the chat.
                          2. I click the chat button. The chat man (surely not a human) say my the my accout is ok. "Try license software and login", I try but i asks me a serial.
                          3. Seaching I find Order Status: It says that my order id "Awaiting eligibily proof".
                          4. Back to chat i refer this news to the chat man that seems veri confusing an push me off.
                          5. I tryed ALL STEPS i founf in FAQ: nothing: Trial dialog pops up and ask me a serial.
                          6. Finally i fount a *** "How activate Creative claud" i try to click but system anwer i'm not allowed.

                          This is only a piece of my Creative Cloud Nightmare Weekend.


                          Have I to give up and cancel my subscription?

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                            Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                            @winwms - Please reply with your operating system version. We will get the issue resolved.

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                              Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                              @magicbruno - It looks like the issue was resolved by you based on this forum post http://forums.adobe.com/message/4930210#4930210.


                              You purchased the International English version but had Italian installed. Switching the language to International English switched it from a trial to a paid subscription.


                              If you are still experiencing any issues let me know, and include your operating system version.

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                                winwms Level 1

                                Ken - I was able to resolve it eventually on my own.  The issue was that the instructions provided with the purchase are not at all accurate if you've had a trial.  After searching online and through your forums for quite a while, I found it.  The issue is that if you have downloaded the trial, and then you purchase the license, the directions you receive tell you to download the software, which you've already done.  I was logged into my account, and tried redownloading the application manager, and reinstalled, but that wasn't enough to trigger it.  I still was locked out of all the applications.  You have to click to license the software, which is counter intuitive since you've just gone through the process of doing precisely that.  Anyhow - better directions when you can detect that I have a trial would have been great and would have allowed me to meet my deadline.